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Second Edition

The Christian has been revised!  In addition to a newer, better, version, I have also re-sized the book to a more typical-sized novel.  The 6X9 version is no longer available.  The new size is now in 5X8.  See the links to the left for quick access for purchase. , for those of you who have purchased a copy of the Christian, either paperback or electronic copy, I will gladly email you the second edition absolutely free.  Simply go to the Contact page and fill it out!

Henry’s lifelong dream is to sail the world single-handed.  Attempting to live a normal life and out of the public eye, the best-selling author doesn't get far before he meets his soul mate and embarks on a supernatural globetrotting adventure as he’s taken hostage while sailing with his new family in hostile waters.  Henry is offered up his freedom by his captors, a radical religious group from Pakistan, in exchange for the release of three of their prisoners held by the United States.

The importance of knowing historical world facts and events as compared to Christian Biblical teachings and dire warnings, taught and prophesied by the Master Teacher, is fundamental to Henry’s beliefs.  Although his beliefs are extremely contrary to current Christian teachings, he lives his life by what he has discovered in his research and as he spreads his message of the importance of understanding God’s established Kingdom, miraculous events take place reaffirming his beliefs – to himself and to everyone around him. 

Henry is by no means perfect, but his beliefs and determination help him to accept the situations and consequences he faces. Will the terrorists get what they want, or will God divinely protect Henry and his new family, or will the United States Navy succeed in finding and rescuing Henry first?  After the United States President stands on historical policy of no negotiations with terrorists, the Pakistani Taliban endeavor to kill Henry on live television and the Internet as the world watches with bated breath.

The Christian

was edited by

Manon B. Scott

​Janice Parounagian