Second Edition!

Sarah Scott dreams.  This dream is not an ordinary dream but more along the lines of a vision . . . of the future.  After doing all they can to alert the authorities, Sarah and Henry can only hope they have done enough.

When her first dream becomes reality, the CIA takes notice and sends Agents Jim Wade and Yolanda Schnur-Reddy to investigate.  What follows is another globetrotting adventure as Sarah, Henry and the CIA attempt to thwart the Pakistani Taliban’s horrific plots to force the release of their captive brothers being held in Cuba by the United States. 

In this second part of The Christian series, Sarah and Henry continue to comprehend the true power of the Kingdom of God as they learn to really hear and listen to that still small voice spoken to them by the Lord God Adonai.

Cover Art Work


Yolanda Schnur-Reddy (Yoli)

The Christian's Wife

was edited


Susie Saumell