The Christian's Friend

In the next installment of the adventures of Henry and Sarah Scott, the pair encounter a sinister, evil plot for fame perpetrated by a pharmaceutical scientist.  His goal is to make a name for himself regardless of the possible cost to his family . . . and humanity.  Confident his master plan will work to perfection, he unleashes his madness in hopes the world recognizes him as a hero and not the villain.

Sarah is extended an invitation for a visit to a native tribe in Peru by her new friend Consuelo, Kylan Dodson’s mother.  The young ten-year-old Kylan claims her fame for rescuing Sarah on the lonely beach of an island in the Bahamas and was subsequently rewarded with an all-day pass to Atlantis Resorts; a day which will live forever in Kylan’s memory.

The miracles continue as the mighty hand of the Lord intervenes to show His greatness and glory.  Henry and Sarah continue to witness the power of the New Covenantal Age; prophesied by the Old Testament heroes; proclaimed, anticipated, and expected by the New Testament Apostles; established by Jesus on the cross and His subsequent return in the first century; where Almighty God Jehovah, Adonai, Christ, once again dwells with and within man as he did with only two other people in history – Adam and Eve.

Thank you Susie Saumell for taking the time and effort to edit The Christian's Friend!

As always, an outstanding job!