I am not an avid reader of fictional stories. I have been surprised by this book. It is a great read. I learned a lot about various subjects and found the story line quite compelling. I would recommend this book to anyone who is searching for something interesting and different to read. This would be a good book to discuss in books clubs and group readings. For the price it is practically a steal. I expect more from this author. Keep up the great work.

-Andreas reviewing The Christian

For those who like religious fantasy this story is a good one. The poor proof-reading is a prominent distraction. A good spell-checker would have caught most of those errors. Some other errors were also distracting. If there is a sequel and Mr Scott can get professional proof-readers I would like to read it.

​-Thomas A. Beach reviewing The Christian

Excellent story with amazing factual references. It is a novel that keeps you glued to the story; I couldn't put it down and will read again just prior to starting on the sequel. Can't wait!

-Richard E. Saumell reviewing The Christian

This book was very interesting and adventurous.  Easy to read and short chapters!

Great Love story!

It gave me an opportunity to reevaluate my traditional teachings about Christianity. The book was a breathe of fresh air. I was able to forget everything that was going on in my life and allow the book to take me to an unfamiliar place at the same time feeling some sense of peace!It definitely challenged my normal way of thinking!!

-Kim Godwin reviewing The Christian

This book was inspirational along with a dramatic twist. If you need a book to keep you turning the page and wondering what will happen next, this is the book for you.
​-Nona B. reviewing The Christian